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01 “Pääkirjoitus”, the Editorial
For Leo Tolstoy art is something that gives people a feeling of social connectedness. Thus art can be thought as something you can make as well as see. With this thought where does the line run between art and not-art?
Written by: Janne Räikkönen

02 “Henkilöstöpalsta”
Pia Ronkainen has taken the front page with her story: Piilipuun asukkaat, roughly translated into Inhabitanys of the piili-tree.
A short novella about two birdhouses that where placed on the sides of the tree and following the birds that moved in.
Written by: Pia Ronkainen

03 “Tapahtumat”, Current Events
What to do and where to go? Event list from August to October.

04 “Palaute & Satyyri III.07”, Feedback & Satyyri III.07
Satyyri has a new front page. What would you like to change? Does the magazine have something that makes you feel content or maybe it has something that makes you grumble and groan? Tell us how you feel!

05 “Vanhaa ja Uutta Muumilaaksossa” The new and the old in Moomin-valley
The exhibitions in the Moomin-valley have the same safe choices as well as some jewels that are worth visiting.
Due to the 20-year anniversary at the Moomin-valley museum, a new exhibition has been opened called the ‘Nature’s Miracles in the Moomin-valley’. For the first time in years the original inked pictures by Tove Jansson are on display for all to see.
Written by: Anni Nupponen

06 “Kolme näyttelyä”, Three Exhibitions
A report on three photo galleries in Helsinki called: Oi Maamme!, Uutta Valokuvaa Taikista and Harmaa Aines.
Picture series by: Elli Maanpää

07 “Matkalla Vodkamuseoon”, Trip to the Vodka museum
Elli Maanpää and Anna Sipponen head towards St. Petersburg to see what it’s like on the other side of the border.
Picture series by: Elli Maanpää and Anna Sipponen

08 “Haastattelu – Sisko Suvilehto-Pyykkölä”, Interview - Sisko Suvilehto-Pyykkölä
Sisko Suvilehto-Pyykkölä published her first poetry collection called Ankara hallan vaara which roughly translates to Severe danger for frost.
Written by: Pia Ronkainen

09 “Essee Kritiikistä”, Essay on Criticism
What is criticism? What is the job of a critic? What is the effect of criticism? Kari Nöjd discusses these issues in his essay on criticism.
Written by: Kari Nöjd

10 “Performanssi Tampereella”, Performance in Tampere
On the 24th of July there was yet again the Perfo! Performance and video art event at the restaurant Telakka in Tampere.
A performance of what art is today to the most extreme.
Written by: Teemu Kangas

11 “Luovuuden Rakentajat – Tampereen Taidemuseo”, The builders of creativity – Art museum of Tampere
Will Tampere become an interesting art exhibition city or will the gallery change after the director left? The exhibition on modern Chinese art called Metamorphosis gives a slice of what Chinese modern art is like.
Written by: Teemu Kangas

12 “Steven Hall – Haiteksti”, Steven Hall – The Raw Shark Texts
The mentioned shark is after Eric Sanderson who fights for his memory as well as his life in this novel. The first third of the book moves on nicely, but after the chase gets fired up the book starts to flop like a fish on dry land. This particular book had such a welcome that it nearly topped the charts before it had been published. Here in Finland the publishers believed in the appeal of the book and had it translated in a rapid pace, it first published in English in the start of 2007. The Raw Shark Texts are so in that they are practically out.
Written by: Anna Sipponen

13 “J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows”
This is the last segment of the seven part Potter-saga. We finally find out what happens when Harry and Voldemort finally meet. The long awaited return of the wizard boy in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ends the saga started by J.K. Rowling. This book closes the chapter in the world of Harry Potter and gives the book the climax it deserves.
Written by: Elina Sipponen

14 “Kirjailija – Don DeLillo”, Writer – Don DeLillo
Don DeLillo is one of the best postmodern writers of our time. Do you know any of his works? A look into the life and literature of DeLillo.
The world is full of excellent writers that are not noticed and forgotten. In Finland you could make a small army of intellects with the amount of great but unknown authors. DeLillo is one of these even though he is looked up to being one of the central figures in postmodern literature.
Written by: Janne Räikkönen

15 “Anime – FLCL”
A town at the bottom of a gigantic ironing board. A boy, a guitar and a story that can’t be stopped. This is FLCL.
Furi Kuri is a good, balanced whole of action, comedy and drama. The series has little to no bad points after all. This is a six-part series has many eccentric points that makes it stand out of the crowd.
Written by: Jarno Suominen

16 “Manga – Salad Days”
Salad Days keeps away from the traditional romantic manga, where you read tens of books before the lovers finally find each other.
Written by: Jarno Suominen

17 “My House – Janne Räikkönen”

We live in houses. If you are asked where you live you answer “at home”, in a house, in an apartment, on this floor, behind windows, behind doors, indoors. A photo series.
Photo series by: Janne Räikkönen

18 “Maalaussarja – Kari Nöjd”, Painting series – Kari Nöjd
An oil painting series of four pictures. The paintings have where finished between the years 2003 and 2005. All of the paintings are 64 cm x 105 cm.
Painting series by: Kari Njöd

19 “Proosaruno – P.S.”, Poem P.S.
"This is for you, because this is the only way I can tell you. It wasn’t left behind, it isn’t in front, but all around, inside your skin…"
By: Minna Kemppainen

20 “Novelli – Testamentti”, Novella - Testament
"They sit quietly drinking their evening tea. Streams form on the windows, autumn is closing in. The small kitchen awaits words and at the same time is afraid of their arrival. It knows more than those two together…"
By: Annika Keiski-Turunen

21 “Runoja”, Poems
"It is night
I make late midsummer magic
I become nine stars
They are full of each other…"
By: Pia Ronkainen

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