Lyriikka: Sam Buchanan

Unfinished Finnish Submission



I jumped off the cliff
You promised to hold the rope
But you let it go

Clouds have receded,
But I still hear the thunder
Will the sun return?

A sunny haiku
Quality ones don’t exist
Pleasure is verbose

The seasons are dead.
It is but one, long night now.
All thirst for the web.

Up all night again
Wearied eyed, I write letters-
To be sent to whom?

Small things keep love strong
So many we shared, but now-
Like hairs, I pluck them

Next time, use a knife.
I would have died or healed—
Instead of neither.

Shame drips from long eyes,
Only one way to save face,
Embrace cold justice.

Taste of blood lingers.
Bag with a gun, cash, and rum–
I don’t remember.

I wait for a flash,
a beep, a buzz, or a blip—
To know that I’m loved.

Hands stagnantly shake
Eyes boil, legs melt, heart explodes—
Why did you come back?

I’m tired of it—
Ruing, gridding, pulling hair.
Fucking answer me!

Cuffed fists and slit wrists
Spill your truth on virgin soil—
Regretful last breath.

Searching for your scent;
Blaming a tear soaked pillow—
The moon is waning.

Blood pools in calm palms
Body ignored; mind muses—
Abandoned tea cools.





Too drunk to enjoy
My ramen and cigarette-
The clack of high heals.

Oh eventful night,
One more city without sleep.
Sakura kiss me.

I don’t have a chance
But please give me one more dance
To feel like I’m loved

The popular songs
mean so much but say nothing.
I sing to no one.

Jealous eyes are on us
Sweat lubricates our love
Don’t stop now DJ

I know that you are smart,
grounded, and special, but please–
Shut up and fuck me.

Bitten finger nails;
Lips pucker a cigarette—
Do you need a hug?

Tights and gaudy boots
You like shopping and email—
Is that who you are?

Tingling toes fidget
Nauseous silence, labored breaths

One chopstick parts rice,
Gently forming a soft crease—
Now for the soy sauce.

The way I can touch
Will make you forget my name–
But never the rush

Strobe lights fight my sight,
But this feeling I cannot fight—
Dance with me tonight.

Hot whispers tickle
Knees pinch, toes flinch, fingers inch—
Who calls this sleeping?





Who writes the story
Of the broken pencil tips?
Sakura float by.

Wind blows Sakura
Past their prime into a pond.
The koi are hungry.

All the wasted time
Who could I have helped with it?
But I was selfish.

Why do we do it?
Are we the same as peacocks?
Fashion convolutes.

Only after rain
Can I show my true colors
I’m a rainbow too

I’m a puzzle piece,
The one that never fits right.
Is this the right box?

There is a website
That makes trillions of haikus.
Will it make this one?

Under umbrellas,
Listen to the same sad song
That trees love to hear.

Like Sakura float,
Lightly and pungently I drift—
Love me, then forget

So many people
So little time to meet them—
May I say, “Hello”?

Words are too clumsy.
My tongue and teeth don’t know me.
Listen to my heart.

I never know them,
I just make them disappear.
My sword is my wand.

May I speak the truth?
I think you want to hear it,
But you’re not ready.

Still black water waits.
Depth and current are unknown;
Sakura’s ripples.

Still—you stand perfect,
But my image of you fades.
Golden ripples dance.

Fishes swim circles
Oblivious to the world—
A crane flies away.

I got a problem,
I think in fives and sevens—
I want it to stop.

Thunder strikes the soul.
Screaming shadows haunt the night–
Blink twice and forget.

If you had to choose
One sense to lose forever—
Which one would it be?

There are two of me.
Quiet, sober or loud, drunk
Who are these people?

Wipe away the steam
Truth rests in a cheap mirror
Don’t look so surprised!

Please tell me a lie.
Never tell me something true—
Hi, what is your name?

Practice what you love;
Beware of complacency—
Study what you hate.

During a dusky walk
A blind cat stalks me,
Though my pockets bare.

The day’s husk’s are burnt,
But today’s work is cut short.
Rain falls with the sun.

Winter winds abscond!
Flowers spread their legs for light
Nostalgia fills us.





My first moon poem
It isn’t good,
But the moon is.

Oh, the shame!
To be caught peeking
At the naked moon.

Oh, please join me.
Sorry, I have no dinner.
Either Mr. Cat.

What a show!
The Star is not a star
Like this dream is not sleep

First moon party
No guests came
Except the moon

Eden’s snakes
Knot my floor
Silently burning

Stubborn vines
Block the path-
A rusted blade


The flowers
Want to fuck—
Me, too.

Give up all

About life-
Itchy balls

Rushing past Paddies
To write

Joyful Times!
Cleaning and decorating
For you.

With a new friend
Enjoy one day
With tea.

Watching coi
Swim circles
In a dry pond