Poems: Janne Räikkönen


The gate

that was tried to be
pried open remains silent,
grinning the grin of a false god,
and the dusts carried by ancient winds
rest on the lock.

Look at you, eyes as
pools of bright summer water
smiling the smile of a wolf –
‘Who are you?’ They ask
as one deep hum.

There through the haze
of laughter and tears They will know
that the blossoms of the unknown
give this world it’s wonderous shape.


you have the name I know,
my clairvoyant, my one-hundred-year war.
Look into the future child,
for you the passing of the seasons
is a whisper in the dawn.

You alone stand on the moonlit pier
and watch the swans’ landing
on the dark water.

In this silence you turn softly –
You alone will be smiling
at world’s ending,
dancing in the pulse of the last rhythm
when the light that shatters the sky
has a name of it’s own.

On this restless strand

even smoke has a sound
as air has a colour.

Here verses lose their power,
taking the form of fragile things
drowned in deep water
with the mysteries of the world.

The blue-black horizon,
a faraway thunderhead
and waves as tall as sails,
their crests spit bright foam
into the eve. I should have known,
that the scent and the flicker
had such unstable hearts.

This is now:
Dark bellied birds flock,
and a sense of majesty
echoes in their silhouettes.
Their beaks are raised to the winds
that speak the words we once lost.

I remember that day,

and this is no joke,
on that stone clad waterfront
where you got married,
the clouds breaking as you kissed,
the autumn sea ablaze
and the seagulls’ chatter.

No broken glass on the sidewalk
or fools crying pleas in the night,
beautiful as it was…
Nothing hidden or untrue
in the tears of our friends –
but some remember it different
don’t they?

Why do I feel this bittersweet nostalgia,
this rush of embarassed sorrow
as I think of you then?

No need to be snide now.
My words get careless
when I go back to that place,
and remember the light spraying
on the faces of the people there.