The Korean movie Sunny shines on you
  • Arvio 1-5: 4
  • Genre: Komedia
  • Ohjaaja: Kang Hyeong-Cheol
  • Näyttelijät: Kim Min-Young, Kim Min-Young, Lee Yeon-Kyung, Kim Seon-Kyeong, Min Hyo-Rin

If it is a cloudy day, or you are feeling blue anyway, hunt out the Korean movie Sunny (써니). Well, granted, it does move you into tears, but above all, it takes your mind off and smiles on you.

The London Korean Film Festival brought Korean’s biggest surprise of the year to Europe, and made the whole audience, although it was mainly Korean, laugh aloud. The movie was made in a low budget without the expectations of to become a big hit. Unfortunately, so far the movie is not shown in Finland. It should be.

Sunny is a story about seven girls who are inseparable friends until a tragic event at school one day. After that, the girls grow up without seeing them others for a long time. After 25 years, another sad situation makes the main character, Na-Mi (Shim Eun-Kyeong), round up the group together again.

Shy teenager, Na-Mi, moves from a small town to the big capital city Seoul with her family, and, having shaking hands and countryside dialect, is bullied on her first day at school. However, six girls, under loyal and strong girl Choon-Hwa (Kang So-Ra), take her to their group, and soon Na-Mi becomes one of the girls.

The other friends are: Jang-Mi (Kim Min-Young), who keeps making herself up and wishes to have double eyelids; Jang-Mi (Kim Min-Young) with rude language and personal look; bookworm but surprising Geum-Ok (Lee Yeon-Kyung), Bok-Hee (Kim Seon-Kyeong), who acts like Ms Korea which she dreams to be someday; and Su-Ji (Min Hyo-Rin), who is distant but important character in many ways in the story.

As an adult, Na-Mi succeeds to collect the girls together. The movie tells the events of both eras by turns, which is one reason the story stays interesting all the time. However, since some of the girls are in smaller parts than the others, it is difficult at first to interrelate the right teenager and the right adult. Anyway, as you start to watch the movie, you cannot take your eyes off the screen until the very end.

The film deals with the themes that are specific to many romantic dramas or comedies, such as friendship, loneliness, growing up and the first love, but does them in a new and refreshing way, at least compared to many Hollywood movies. The English translation does not highlight the differences between the two dialects, but the acting itself as well as the costumes, the music and the scenes give a good impression about the different decades and places.

Sunny may not be considered as the most important or artistic film of the year, but it is definitely a bright splash of colour among those. We all need some D vitamins now, do not we?